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The Confidence Builders

Before I started selling photos professionally, I’d give my work away to friends and family. Always having doubts, I just couldn’t believe anyone would want to pay for a hobby that I absolutely adored. The give-aways and the subsequent praise … Continue reading

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UPDATE: A HUGE thanks to Frank for helping me resolve this irritating situation. In trying to create a new post last night, I somehow changed my blog to another country that I’ve never even heard of! That’s what I get … Continue reading

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It was a beautiful weekend in the Red Stick! Most of it was spent outdoors, soaking it all in. I hope all of you are seeing signs of spring, and enjoying some milder weather. Becoming a member of the Louisiana … Continue reading

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Two Years

It’s been two years today since my mother passed away. I miss her sweet spirit, her love and concern for her grandchildren, and her example of faith. I am comforted to know in my heart that her soul is at … Continue reading

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After I photographed this snowy egret, I noticed that one of the toenails on his right foot faced the opposite direction of the other nails. It was the only interesting thing I came away with that day. This is a … Continue reading

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Update and Backyard Friends

Greetings from Baton Rouge! We have been quite busy getting settled in, then we had a health scare with Double D. 😦 Right before the move he started experiencing some pretty significant chest pain. We chalked it up to all … Continue reading

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The Language of Windrush Gardens

Having a little fun today. 🙂 Hey down there! Anybody have some deodorant I can borrow?(Statue: Wounded Amazon) Perhaps after my bath, darling.(Statue: unknown) Can’t you see I’m deep in thought here? Stop pestering me! You’ve been like that for … Continue reading

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