The Confidence Builders

Before I started selling photos professionally, I’d give my work away to friends and family. Always having doubts, I just couldn’t believe anyone would want to pay for a hobby that I absolutely adored. The give-aways and the subsequent praise would slowly build my confidence, so I kept shooting, trying to improve, and find new ways to capture what I was seeing.

This kind of thing went on for years. Two businessmen in Baton Rouge have my Bridge to Tiger Town photo hanging on their office walls. My cousin’s wife made black and white canvas prints of her boys to display in their living room. Over a 7 year period my images appeared in books (one a cover), on coffee labels, magazines, and a couple of city-related brochures. All at no charge. Well, I did get some excellent coffee from Muddy Dog Roasting Co.

Still, I wasn’t convinced.

Then last year my dear neighbor, Betsy, asked to use my pelican image to make a canvas for her husband as a gift. I was tickled pink that she stopped by my house to show me the results. It was another small step towards building my confidence. Thank you, Betsy!


I’m excited about this new venture of selling my photos; however, it’s a little daunting. Being the Doubtful Debbie that I am, I went ahead and purchased some test prints from this site to see with my own eyes if the quality was there, if they were sharp enough, etc. They arrived today and I must admit they looked so good I was ready to frame and hang them that very minute. I will say that the Kodak Metallic finish is truly something special. This was the print with the Kodak Metallic finish. It really pops!

Blue Shutters - NOLA-Style-2

Please see more images here.


About louisianabelle

Louisiana native, nature lover, and amateur photographer
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