Port Hudson

On March 21st I was traveling through St. Francisville, LA and noticed the entrance to the Port Hudson State Historic Site. Curious, I pulled in and stumbled upon the end of a Civil War reenactment. These were fun photos to shoot and edit, although I didn’t do much to them. Three presets were used in Lightroom: Sepia Chic, Sugar and Spice Sepia, and B/W Dependable. There were a couple I left in color to break up the monotony. For a few images it was necessary to crop out people in street clothes.

I don’t normally post this many photos in one post, but I didn’t want to drag it out over two posts. Hope you enjoy.

KABOOM! I caught this right as the cannon in the background went off.
Very surprised it didn’t knock me off my feet!


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33 Responses to Port Hudson

  1. Anvilcloud says:

    You did a fin job, Gail. This is not surprising to me. Good job with cropping to keep the authentic look as much as possible.

  2. eileeninmd says:

    Hello Gail, these are all awesome images! Great captures of the reenactment. I really love the sepia series! Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

  3. Beautifully done, Gail! What a great “stumble.” That was a fantastic capture of the firing cannon. Love the HQ tent and the two “boy” soldiers. The filters you applied in Lightroom were perfect for preserving the sense of the historical time.

  4. Neat shots. Lucky you with catching that cannon. (Too bad they really didn't have track chairs back then – I bet that riled some serious re-enactors.)

  5. Felicia says:

    Fabulous images Gail. It looks hot and I love the one of what looks like 2 small boys.

  6. Felicia says:

    Fabulous images Gail. It looks hot and I love the one of what looks like 2 small boys.

  7. Indrani says:

    Great captures. Very well treated for that historic effect.

  8. Karen S. says:

    Oh goodness, I'm glad you posted these and even more would have been just as delightful. I've been to a few reenactments before, this was a beautiful presentation, all great players, just a lovely time indeed. History is so wonderful to see, even like this, the real life the better but photos are precious too!

  9. Kathy says:

    Your photos look like you were right there on the battleground in 1863.

  10. hootnonny says:

    Excellent! Love the editing too. These images will be even more priceless when the politically correct folks decide to scrub reenactments from the earth!

  11. One of my ancestors was down there fighting for the Union army. Wasn't St. franciville where the theater goer attacked several patrons?

  12. nookworm says:

    Impressive pictures and great editing. Very authentic treatment. KABOOM! Really great capture!

  13. You got excellent pictures! I love the black and whites. And the headquarters shot.

  14. DeniseinVA says:

    Love these photos in sepia. Great job Gail.

  15. BeachGypsy says:

    Those are amazing Gail especially so in black and white! Thanks for visiting me on “my front porch”! Have you been to see any alligators lately?

  16. Kerry says:

    Cool to see it in sepia and b&w. Looks like pics from 1863.

  17. Debbie says:

    What a great event to “stumble” upon!! The images are beautifully edited, and told a great story!!

  18. Really enjoyed the photos from the reenactment! I've been to one, and I thought it was very interesting to watch the battle.

  19. Stephanie says:

    Such wonderful captures. I will show my hubby these images another day as he will want to see them too.

  20. Anni says:

    MAGnificent Gail!! Simply sublime. Not only the monotone coloration of your images, but the subject. Anything Civil War gets my attention.

    And no worries, I think just about everyone with blogs has high speed connections.

    Excellent post.

  21. June Caedmon says:

    These are fabulous, Gail! What a fun event to have “stumbled” upon and captured!

  22. Great job! I like that you did many of them in sepia. Makes them really look of the era.

  23. I really love these, Gail. What a great photo op.

  24. Lucky you! Great timing and fantastic shots!

  25. You have done a great job Gail!

  26. I like the sepia photos very much. Perfect for the subject!

  27. Melissa says:

    Love your photo treatment. Nicely done!

  28. The participants really get into those reenactments don't they! Beautiful photos and the sepia is wonderful.

    PS: who won? ( sorry, couldn't resist? )

  29. I love that brownish sepia processing but all the shots are fun, great captures. The canon that went off looks unbelievable! 🙂

  30. Donna says:

    Oh I love history and what luck to stumble upon these scenes…fabulously displayed for us!

  31. Helma says:

    Hi Gail,
    I also lightroom but I do not really much. Only the noise I get away with lightroom. You're showing here a few nice options you have used in lightroom. Beautiful sepia colors and really beautiful photos!
    Regards, Helma

  32. Unknown says:

    I enjoyed this visit. I have been missing regular visits to your and other of my favorite blogs.

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