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Kayak Shooting

Our anniversary on Monday was absolutely glorious! When Double D suggested going kayaking, my face lit up like a Christmas tree. He also insisted I take my camera in the kayak. After giving it a lot of thought and imagining … Continue reading

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It’s been a couple weeks since I posted any hummingbird shots. Thought I’d give y’all a break. These are from our local arboretum on September 19th. This little gal staked out the flowers that lined the walkway leading into the … Continue reading

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Winged Things and a Rant

Had an interesting encounter last weekend at the arboretum. I watched from a distance as a young (and very pretty) pregnant girl picked a small bouquet of flowers. Carefully she made her selections; however, one flower was rejected and placed … Continue reading

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Studied and stalked these cute little Carpenter Bees and some other kind of bee. I realize your definition of ‘cute’ may be different from mine. *smile* I was thrilled to get some freeze-action airborne shots. Thank you, Jesus for all … Continue reading

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My aunt’s surgery was a resounding success! The only pain she has is from the incision site which is temporary. We are so thankful to God for answering our prayers, and for the dedicated family and friends who offered prayers … Continue reading

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Mighty Miracles

When this post goes live, my aunt will be going through surgery to relieve intense pain from the trigeminal nerve located in the brain. She has been living with this awful disease (formerly known as Suicide Disease) for years. Diagnosed … Continue reading

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Billy Bass

I present to you my prize possession: Billy Bass. He was caught by me in Pike County, MS on 8/13/14, weighing in at 5 lbs. 2 oz. My dad lovingly had him mounted by the best taxidermist in the State. … Continue reading

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