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Barataria Preserve

Last weekend was absolutely beautiful as far as great light for photography, so we meandered over to Barataria Preserve, one of the many parks located within┬áJean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve in Marrero, LA. It encompasses 23,000 acres of … Continue reading

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Bird Friends and an Army of Enemies

I’ve been feeding and observing birds for over five years now. At first I thought it was cute that the birds shared their food with the squirrels. Well, I’ve learned the birds are not really sharing, they’re tolerating these ravenous … Continue reading

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Fontainebleau, Final

Sunset images at Fontainebleau State Park in Mandeville, Louisiana, 10/12/13. Linking with OUR WORLD TUESDAY.

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Fontainebleau, Part II

More of our day at Fontainebleau State Park. Shallow waters with sandy beach.I’m too afraid of the brain-eating amoebas to get in there. Anhinga How delighted I was to see a rabbit AND a fawn together. Awww! Time to skedaddle! … Continue reading

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Fontainebleau, Part I

A couple weekends ago we decided to revisit Fontainebleau State Park┬áto see what progress has been made since Hurricane Isaac blew through last year. It was astonishing to see that nothing has been done. There are still no restrooms, no … Continue reading

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God’s Handiwork

Some shots taken on 9/10/13 from a nearby arboretum called Independence Park in Baton Rouge. Ladybug right before she leapt. Long-tailed skipper These annoying lovebugs fill the air at the end of summer. Wafting by in pairs, they get stuck … Continue reading

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Grand Slam!

This is day two of our abbreviated time with the grandkids. We have a sports complex behind our house, so when Double D walks the dog back there, he picks up baseballs that have been left behind. I’ve told him … Continue reading

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