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The Star of Bluebonnet Swamp

Since I had such good luck a few days ago finding Barbara the barred owl at Bluebonnet Swamp, I had to test my good fortune once again. I ran into my birding buddies there and together we waited by the … Continue reading

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We had a little cold front blow through which sometimes means a change in birding activity and what one might see out in the field. I hadn’t been out to Bluebonnet Swamp in a few weeks, so I thought I’d … Continue reading

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Lake Martin

Happy Sunday everyone!! It is a yucky, cloudy, misty day, so not sure what I’m going to do for a photography outing. We’ve had a breeding American Goldfinch coming to our feeder the last few days. He is a beautiful … Continue reading

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Avery Island Wrap-Up

There are many more photos of Avery Island besides these, but I think I’ll put this baby to bed for a while. I still have photos from Lake Martin on the same day to process, and those need to be … Continue reading

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Creative License Friday #2

Jill at She Who Carries Camera has started a new meme called Creative License Friday. Every week she provides a photo to play with however we please. The possibilities are endless. I am going to try to participate often because … Continue reading

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Flora of Avery Island

Spanish moss hanging from an enormous live oak tree, adorned by azaleas beneath. Wisteria.I experimented with different angles and backgrounds. Trees and sky in background.All wisteria shots are from the same plant. Pointing the camera at the sky gives a … Continue reading

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Courtship and a Random Act of Kindness

The brain fog lifted on Saturday, thank God. Being with Double D out in the sunshine and watching the birds was the perfect prescription. The courtship of nesting egrets was really something special. The males brought twig after twig to … Continue reading

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