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Ruby and friends

Happy Wednesday, y’all! Before we begin I have a little update on the bird that I saw in the cemetery on my mother’s birthday. (I almost typed birdday…obsessed much?) The bird I saw that day was the Ruby-crowned Kinglet. What’s … Continue reading

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Double D and I went hiking in and around Baton Rouge for our weekend entertainment. Louisiana is abundant in nature, with many areas designated for the public to explore. We traveled to Blackwater Conservation area, Capitol Lakes, Mary Ann Brown … Continue reading

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Miscellaneous photos taken over the last two weeks. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Mama Eagle keeping watch over her eaglets, 2/17/13 Chickadees are the boldest birds. I was probably 6-8 feet away from this little dude at Bluebonnet Swamp. … Continue reading

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Nurturing Nature

Since Tuesday was supposed to be the last of our sunshine for a while, I found myself back at Bluebonnet Swamp hoping to spot the Eastern Towhee I had seen last week. No such luck, but I met a very … Continue reading

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Great Backyard Bird Count

Time to lighten this place up! Thanks to everyone who offered advice and words of comfort on my last post. I have the wisest, kindest blog followers in existence. Love y’all! Today was the last day of the Great Backyard … Continue reading

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At Odds

I had a very long post written, but decided not to bore you all with the details, so here is the condensed version: Once again I am at odds with the Catholic Church. It all came to a head last … Continue reading

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One Year

Today marks one year since my mother passed away. Mama, you were a doodle and I miss you. It’s been a year of soul searching, reconnecting, disappointments, growth, and learning. There are things I would do differently if I had … Continue reading

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