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When I started Project 365 last year I quickly determined after posting my shot of the day, that I would delete all the superfluous “contenders”. A few weeks later I ran into situations when I could not decide which photo … Continue reading

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Austin Street Shelter

Austin Street Centre, where I met stark reality face to face. Sorry the photo isnot very good, but I took this with my iPhone. I could not musterthe courage to take out my SLR for a better photo. EagerSunday, January 15, I was very … Continue reading

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A letter to my mother

On January 17, 1939 my mother entered the world. We’ve never been good at showing affection, or talking about our feelings, so at Christmastime I wrote her the following letter and sent it with her card: Dear Mama,I wanted to … Continue reading

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Photo highlights of the week

Egret with Mallard and American Wigeon I drove back to the nature area for the 2nd time this day in hopes of getting more snow shots (see below). Sadly, the snow had already melted, but I spied this egret right … Continue reading

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I thoroughly enjoyed Project 365; however, I’m a little relieved it’s over. There were days I spent upwards of two hours (sometimes longer) photographing and editing in the evenings. Surprisingly, I only cheated twice, but the two photos I cheated … Continue reading

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