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My Insatiable Appetite

The other night I was watching one of the early Seinfeld episodes where Jerry would do a stand up bit first. This one hit me like a ton of bricks: You know, I tell ya, I gotta say that I’m … Continue reading

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My Mom and the Wii

This was my mother around 1959 – the same year she married my father. Isn’t she a beauty? When she married she had a 19″ waist. There was no way I was wearing that dress for my wedding in 1980. … Continue reading

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Forth Worth Stockyards

Had such a grand day in Ft. Worth yesterday! We went to see the daily cattle drive and it was awesome. Fun, fun day!

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Double D took this picture of Izzy and me today. I imported the image into my software program for processing knowing I would need help. I enlarged it on my screen and had an immediate urge to bolt to the … Continue reading

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Crazy Heart

I’ve always been a huge fan of Jeff Bridges. His performances linger in my mind long after the movie is over. His acting is powerful. No matter what kind of role it is, I’m drawn in like the proverbial moth … Continue reading

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Ten Sleep

This afternoon I plunked down in my home office recliner, finally ready to read the book my daughter got me for Christmas: The Daily Coyote by Shreve Stockton. It was going to happen — I was determined not to put … Continue reading

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I’m a Widow

I really dread this time of year, and by the photo, I think you can guess why. FOOTBALL! It’s televised constantly! OMG. If I watched HGTV as much as Double D watches football, I would probably be served divorce papers … Continue reading

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