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A Very Jerry Springer Party

I had such high hopes for G’s birthday party. Three weeks earlier, we all had such a great time for M’s birthday, and I wanted badly to recreate that. M’s party wasn’t perfect, but overall I would give it a … Continue reading

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Happy Birth Minute!

Happy birth minute, my firstborn! Happy 28th Birthday!! Love,Mom

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Night Terrors

Ever since I was a child, I have had night terrors, or what some refer to as sleep paralysis with hallucinations. These episodes cause me such anguish that they stay with me for days. It begins with a presence in … Continue reading

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Happy Birth Minute

The new blogger feature of being able to post in the future is coming in very handy since I may not be at the computer at 9:47AM to announce this very important event. Happy birth minute, son!!!!!!!!!!! Happy 25th birthday!!!!!!!!! … Continue reading

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I Am No Mrs. Rogers

We are not on friendly terms with the neighbors on each side of us, which is not totally our fault. Let me give you a little history. We share part of our fence with one of the neighbors, so two … Continue reading

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